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It happens that customers bring back purchased goods. You can use the return button in your cash register to enter these. This ensures that the cash register and inventory are always correct.

Cash products

If you have created products, you can cash them in the POS system.

Sell Product to Recipients
If an unaccompanied customer simply purchases a product, click Checkout and then clickReceive Advance.

If a customer who has an appointment with you also takes a product, click the appointment in the calendar, and then clickCheck.

Add products to the checkout

To add a product to the checkout process, you have 3 options:

  • Select manually:Select the+ productbutton to add a product.
  • Search:Use the search box to search for the product name.
  • Scan:Click in the search box and scan the barcode of the product to add the product.

Then follow the steps outlined atcash infrom step 6.