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Create an appointment

If you want to enter appointments, you can do so either by navigating to the calendar in the calendar or using the Appointment Wizard .

Create appointment

Select date
To create an appointment directly in the calendar go to the desired day and the employee. Click on the desired time to open the appointment input window.

Enter the name of your customer . If it already exists in the customer database , just enter the first three letters and you can select it from the list that opens. This can be done either with the mouse or keyboard.

Select services
Select one of the deposited services . If you want to add several services to an appointment, repeat the process.
In addition, you have the option of selecting times, employees, duration and color deposit. After entering all necessary data, click on the “Save” button. The appointment now appears in the calendar.

Videotutorial for entering appointments

If you want to see additional fields such as “address” or “birthday” while entering your appointment, use the Kundenfelder code.